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Nanjing Nongfu mountain spring ﹣ purified water supply network, the brand of bottled drinking water is complete, the price is preferential, and the after-sales service is good. Main products: Nongfu mountain spring 19L, 5L, 500ml, 380ml series drinking water, 179 barrels of pure water, mineral water, fall in love with his tea, water dispenser series, water purifier series, pure water machine series, and water heater series, which can recommend targeted drinking water selection packages for different drinking water user groups.
We have carried out strategic cooperation with many brands of bottled water distributors in Nanjing, optimized resource information, accelerated water delivery efficiency, improved service quality, and realized double benefits for businesses and users.
Now the distribution scope has covered the main urban area of Nanjing, and the following is the direct delivery scope of Nanjing purified water and Nanjing Nongfu mountain spring water; (including Xuanwu District, Qinhuai District, Gulou District, Qixia District, Jianye District, Yuhua District, Jiangning District, etc.), providing strong guarantee for the distribution service of customers;



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